中考英语考前错题本 (C字母篇)

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1、中考英语考前错题本 (C字母篇)call 【误】 Ill call at Mr Brown.【正】 Ill call on Mr Brown.【误】 Ill call on Mr Browns home.【正】 Ill call at Mr Browns home.【析】 作拜访讲时,at后面接访问地点,而on后面接访问的人。 call on drop in visit call on比较正式的为公务的访问,如:We were called on by the old students. 而drop in则是比较随便的走走,顺便拜访,如:If youre free, drop in. 而vis

2、it则是更正式的外交访问或友好往来,如:My schools headmaster will visit America next week.can 【误】 A blind man can not judge colours.【正】 A blind man cannot judge colours.【误】 I cannt call for you at ten.【正】 I cant call for you at ten.【析】 can的否定形式应为cannot或cant.【误】 Its only six oclock. That mustnt be the postman.【正】 Its o

3、nly six oclock. That cant be the postman.【析】 must用来表示一种肯定的推断,如:She must have some problems. She keeps crying. 但在否定句中则要用cant, 要表示对过去的推测则要用must+have+过去分词的表达法,如:The lights have gone out.A fuse must have blown.而对过去的否定推测则多用cant+have+过去分词,如:I dont think he can have heard you. Call again.【误】 We could not h

4、elp to laugh at once.【正】 We could not help laughing at once.【正】 We could not help but laugh at once.【析】 couldnt help+动名词表示禁不住做了某事。但could not help but与could not but后面要加不带to的不定式,意思都是不得不去做某事.如:You could not (help) but respect him.can be able to can与be able to都可以用来表示能力,但can只有现在时与过去时,be able to则可用任何时态,如:

5、He will be able to teach the child. 但要表示经过努力而达到的一次性动作则只能用be able to,如:He finally was able to jump over 210 meters. 或:The plane was able to fly over the mountain. 但要注意的是这两个词都没有进行时态,而be able to后面不接不定式的被动态。can could can与could都可以用在现在时的口语中,只是用could更为礼貌,语气更委婉。如:Could you tell us a story? care 【误】 I dont c

6、are coffee.【正】 I dont care for coffee.【误】 Take care for your steps.【正】 Take care of your steps.【析】 care for是对某物感兴趣,而care of是关心,要当心某事,如:She didnt care for him. Take care of what you are doing.【误】 I dont care where we will go if it doesnt rain.【正】 I dont care where we go if it doesnt rain.【析】 在it does

7、nt matter, I dont care, I dont mind, 及in case引出的状语从句后面要用现在时表示将来。如:Ive got a football in case we have time for a game.change 【误】 I want to change my camera with that one.【正】 I want to change my camera for that one.【析】 change for为以某物为交换物。而change with则是随而变,如:The woods colour changed with the season.che

8、ap 【误】 A teachers salary is generally very cheap.【正】 A teachers salary is generally very low.【析】 工资的高低要用low,cheap是指价格便宜,如果要讲物美价廉则要用not expensive, 如:This car is not expensive.choose 【误】 We each had to have a choose of A or B.【正】 We each had to have a choice of A or B.【析】 choice是名词,而choose是动词。class 【误

9、】 The class is watching TV.【正】 The class are watching TV.【析】 class作主语时,如果作为整体讲则应用单数形式的谓语动词,如:The class was more than forty in number. 如考虑到具体的每个成员时则应用复数形式的谓语动词,如:The class are, in general, very bright.clean 【误】 Sorry, I didnt bought it here. I cleanly forgot.【正】 Sorry, I didnt bought it here. I clean

10、 forgot.【析】 clean可以作为副词讲,其意为完全,而cleanly则意为正确地、干净利落地,如:The knife doesnt cut cleanly. 而clean作为形容词讲时意为清洁的、干净的,如:Her face is not clean now.clever 【误】 Im not clever in English.【正】 Im not clever at English.【析】 clever at是固定搭配,表示在某方面有特长。close 【误】 It is cold outside. Please keep the door close.【正】 It is cold

11、 outside. Please keep the door closed.析 这里的close是动词,意为关闭,而keep后要加形容词,所以要用close的过去分词形式closed作形容词。作形容词用的close意为近的、亲密的。【误】 Come closely so that I can see you.【正】 Come close so that I can see you.【误】 Good teaching and good testing are close related.【正】 Good teaching and good testing are closely related.

12、【析】 close,closely同样可以作副词用,但其意义不同,close是靠近、接近之意,而closely则是紧密、严密、密切之意。【误】 My school was quite close from my home.【正】 My school was quite close to my home.【析】 与接近是close to,例如:He was close to fifty.There is a busstop close to the station.close shut turn shut与close是同义词,如close the door或shut the door. 但要讲把

13、某人关在门外时则只能用shut somebody out而不能用close,因shut语气较强,并含有隔离之意。而turn off是指关上电视、电灯、煤气之类,有切断之意。cloth 【误】 The children wear very good cloth to go to school.【正】 The children wear very good clothes to go to school.【误】 I need a lot of clothing.Im going to make a new cloth. 【正】 I need a lot of cloth.Im going to m

14、ake a new dress. 【析】 cloth是布、布料,没有复数形式。一块布料是a piece of cloth, 而clothes统指衣服,是复数名词,一套衣服要讲a suit of clothes, 如果是一件件衣服应讲shirt, dress, sweater等。而clothing是衣物的总称,是不可数名词。例如:This clothing is needed in warm countries.Her clothes are made of fine cloth.英语中的dress是指比较正式的服装,如a school dress(校服),a student dress(学生套

15、装),a working dress(工作服)。coffee 【误】 Please give me two waters.【正】 Please give me two coffees.【正】 Please give me two cups of water.【析】 虽然coffee, water, tea等都是物质名词,但是只有coffee可用coffees取代若干杯coffee,而其他的却不行,其前要加a cup of或a glass of.colour(color) 【误】 Colours of flowers are red, yellow and white.【正】 Flowers a

16、re red, yellow and white.【析】 中文的花的颜色有红色、黄色和白色,若译为英文Colours of flowers are,就显得重复了。【误】 I like green colour.【正】 I like green.【正】 I like colour green.【析】 colour green中的colour是green的同位语,所以这种说话方式英语是可以接受的。come 【误】 I came across with an old friend in the street yesterday.【正】 I came across an old friend in t

17、he street yesterday.【析】 come across是偶然碰见、遇见,要直接加宾语,如:Ive just come across a beautiful poem in this magazine.【误】 Where do you come from?I come from the station. 【正】 Where did you come from?I came from the station. 【正】 Where do you come from?I come from China. 【析】 Where do you come from?意为你是什么地方的人?而Wh

18、ere did you come from?则是你从何处来? 【误】 The stars are coming out from the cloud.【正】 The stars are coming out of the cloud.【析】 come out of意为从地方出来。come in come into enter come in与come into的意义相同,但come into后面要加宾语,而come in后面不用宾语。如I found someone came into my room. The door opened and the child came in.enter常作

19、为及物动词使用,如:The bus entered the English tunnel.congratulate 【误】 I want to congratulate you for your success with all my heart.【正】 I want to congratulate you on your success with all my heart.【析】 动词congratulate somebody on something是向某人祝贺某事。其名词congratulation在用时一般要用复数,如:I offered him my congratulations

20、on his success.又如:Congratulations!cook 【误】 My father is a good cooker.【正】 My father is a good cook.【析】 很多动词加上er则变为执行该动作的一种人,如workworker,teachteacher. 但cook即是动词做饭,同时名词也是厨师。而cooker则是厨具、炊具之意。如:I will cook the dinner. I bought a good press cooker(高压锅)。corner 【误】 There is a post office in the corner of t

21、he street.【正】 There is a post office at the corner of the street.【误】 A girl sat at the corner of the room.【正】 A girl sat in the corner of the room.【析】 in the corner是在建筑物内部的角上,而at the corner是在外部的角上,如:There is a big tree at the corner of the building.cost 【误】 I cost ten dollars for the book.【正】 I spen

22、t ten dollars on the book.【误】 I cost two hours to do my homework.【正】 It took me two hours to do my homework.【析】 cost, spend. take都可以作花费讲,但用法不同。cost的用法是something+cost+somebody+时间或金钱,如:The book cost me ten dollars. spend的用法是somebody+spend+时间+(in)doing something,如:I spent two hours (in) writing this bo

23、ok. 或somebody+spend+金钱+on something,如:I spend two dollars on this book. 而take的用法则要用逻辑主语it:It+takes+somebody+时间+to do something, 如:It took me an hour to clean the classroom.country 【误】 You can find cows in a country.【正】 You can find cows in the country.【析】 country即可作国家讲,也可作农村讲。当作农村讲时,一定要加定冠词,而且只有单数形式

24、。例如:【误】 Farmers live in the countries.【正】 Farmers live in the country.【析】 但作为国家讲时则可有单、复数形式,例如:Japan is an Asian country. Japan, China, and India are Asian countries.另外,country一般指的是地理概念上的国家,如:New Zealand is an agricultural country. 而nation多指民族组成的国家,如:The Chinese nation(中华民族)。state多侧重于政权方面的区域、国家范围,如:t

25、he state farm(国营农场)。cross 【误】 There are traffic lights at the cross.【正】 There are traffic lights at the crossing.【析】 cross作为名词讲时是十字架、十字形的东西,如:Red Cross(红十字会)。【误】 The little boy is going to across the street.【正】 The little boy is going to cross the street.【析】 across是副词或介词,但不能作动词用。cross pass cross是指横过

26、某地,如:He crossed the square. 而pass则强调从某物体旁经过,如:I mailed some letters when I passed the post office.crowd 【误】 The room soon was crowded by people.【正】 The room soon was crowded with people.【析】 crowded在这句话中应作为形容词,所以这句话不是被动语态而是系表结构,如:The room was crowded with books.cup 【误】 A silver glass was given to the winner.【正】 A silver cup was given to the winner.【误】 My mother was looking for the whisky cup.【正】 My mother was looking for the whisky glass.【析】 glass一般指由玻璃制成的器皿,而cup多指用陶瓷或金属制成的杯子,且cup尤其用在奖杯上。喝酒多用的是玻璃制成的杯子,如我们讲I drink a glass of wine at supper. 而不讲I drink a cup of wine at supper.


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